About Me

Hi! My name is Ade. Welcome to my blog Shutterfeet where I write about anything related to photography and travel, and sometimes life in general.

I started blogging here in November 2010 in an effort to focus more on pursuing my passion as well as a way to document my journey as a photographer exploring the world through the lens. I plan to blog here mainly about photography and travel. But I feel that both these areas allow me to better explore the world and learn more about myself in particular. So I might pepper in some posts about my thoughts on life and philosophy too.

I have big plans for trekking around the world with my camera one day. So stick around and see how those plans develop. In the meanwhile, I live in Boston where I work as a biomedical engineer trying to fight cancer with nanotechnology.

If you are ever in the area, I would love to meet up for coffee or beer and talk about anything! Or else I would love to hear from you here on the blog or mail me here [shutterfeet at gmail . com] (Replace @ for at and remove spaces! Sorry spam bots!)