Rank Product Review Score
1 MeFOTO Globetrotter Travel Kit (C2350Q2K)
9.7 Buy on Amazon
2 Gitzo GK3532-82QD Series 3 Mountaineer Kit, Black
9.5 Buy on Amazon
3 Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fiber with Ball Head
9.4 Buy on Amazon
4 Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Kit
9.3 Buy on Amazon
5 Induro Grand Turismo Series 1 Stealth Carbon Fiber
9 Buy on Amazon
6 ZOMEi Z818 Hiking For DSLR Cameras
8.9 Buy on Amazon
7 Davis & Sanford TR553-P228 Traverse Super Compact
8.7 Buy on Amazon
8 Neewer Carbon Fiber 66″ Camera
8.5 Buy on Amazon
9 Benro S8 Single Leg Aluminum Video Kit (A373FBS8)
8.4 Buy on Amazon
10 Albott 70-inch Aluminum Travel(B017IS057O)
8 Buy on Amazon

“Help!” That might be your reaction when looking for a camera stand on Amazon. You want to find the Perfect camera support for photography. But there are just too many choices. It’s like you’re drowning in possibilities. Why can’t there just be one tripod? Or at least a handful to choose from. Rather than a few hundred choices. It strains your brain and, depending on how your day is going, might bring on a mini “panic attack”.

Before you lose your cool, though, read this article. It’s bound to put you in a relaxed mood. For we’ve taken the anxiety out of looking for a camera Stand. We’ve done that by finding the Top 10 camera supports for photography. Read on and see the 10 best models.

Short on time? Here’s the best one: the MeFOTO Globetrotter Travel Kit (C2350Q2K). It’s a serious Support for your camera, doing many of the same things as competitors like Manfrotto and Gitzo. Yet it’s also a serious value – costing roughly half of what those competitors cost.

How to Choose a Perfect One

Now, in any discussion of the so-called “best” things; it’s necessary to first know what our criteria are. In other words, what makes the “best” really the best? For your camera stand, we judged them based on a few criteria. Keep these in mind for yourself too, as you go about considering a Camera support for your photography needs.


First, there’s price. Kind of the 800 lb gorilla. Photography tends to be an expensive hobby and the costs can certainly add up. So when you need a three-legged stand, it’s definitely worth looking at the price. Asking what it is, and whether you should really drop $X on a given product.

Leg Extension Locks

After price, you’ll want to consider as criteria, the camera stand’s leg extension locks. Locks matter because they keep legs from caving. And that’s not exactly something you want. Not when your expensive digital camera is perched on the top of this stand. Outside and resting above a hard, unforgiving surface. No, the legs need to stay locked. And so the leg extension locks are therefore of paramount importance to you. They need to hold up now and over many, many repeated uses.


Next up as far as criteria go is standard height. Consider the maximum height that this device can go to. This matters since you may not want to have to stoop down to use it. This device supposed to taking photos easier. Not force you to lean over.


After height, think about the maximum weight that this device can support. The load it can take. As with leg extension locks, weight is tremendously important since it determines whether your camera will survive when propped on the platform. If the pod cannot take much weight, your camera’s “life” may be at risk each time it goes up on this three-legged device camera stand.

Material Used

Consider as well what the three-legged device camera stand is made of. The material. Is it carbon fiber or aluminum? The material determines its weight. Or, more appropriately, you could say it determines whether it will be a hassle to transport this device around.

Make the wrong choice and your Camera Stand will be a hassle to carry around and to use as well. To keep from making that mistake, keep reading. We’re now ready to unveil our list of the 10 Ranked Ones for photography.

Our Top Picks of the Ultimate Ones

#1 – Mefoto – MeFOTO Globetrotter Travel Kit (C2350Q2K)

Mefoto - MeFOTO Globetrotter Travel Kit (C2350Q2K)

What a gem! As noted before, its price is an immediate draw. You will get a small, compact camera holder that’s easily toted around. It weighs just 3.5 lbs. And when folded, this brand goes down to just 16.1 inches. Yet it’s capable of holding up to 26.5 pounds, enough for a massive DSLR body. On top of that (no pun intended), MeFOTO’s Globetrotter can also be used as a single-legged support. Plus, you can extend it to maximum heights of 64.2 inches (for the tripod) and 66.9 inches (for the monopod). And as “icing on the cake”, you get a travel case (included with purchase) and a choice of aluminum or carbon material.

 #2 – Gitzo – Gitzo GK3532-82QD Series 3 Mountaineer Kit, Black

Gitzo - Gitzo GK3532-82QD Series 3 Mountaineer Kit, Black
Then there’s the Gitzo. Gitzo is a much more established brand than MeFOTO. So it was bound to make any list of the best ones. Yet we put it second, primarily because of the price. Sorry, but Gitzo just can’t compare to MeFOTO on price. The Gitzo we found best was the Series 3 Mountaineer Kit (GK3532-82QD). Like the MeFOTO, its wonderfully light-weight and perfect for toting around. Gitzo’ model has also been carefully engineered so as to work with DSLR cameras having 300Mm-400Mm lenses. Moreover, the design exudes smoothness with a large ball and quick release adapter. Perfect for use with heavier loads. It’s all perfect, apart from the price. Over a thousand dollars for the Gitzo. Not a problem, of course, if you can afford it. Worth the money too. But a major drawback if you can’t.

#3 – Manfrotto – Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fiber with Ball Head (MKBFRC4-BH)

Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fiber with Ball Head

The third on the list comes from Manfrotto. This would be Manfrotto’s Befree Carbon Fiber with Ball Head (MKBFRC4-BH). Its priced far under the Gitzo, in about the same range as the MeFOTO . Manfrotto gives you a 2.4 pound, carbon fiber device with its own padded carrying bag. The brand extends to a respectable max height of 55.91 inches. Weight watchers will appreciate that its load capacity is up to 8.82 lbs. Also, when folded, it comes to just 40 cm. Considering all of this together, you can’t go wrong with Manfrotto’s model. For as its name implies, the “Befree” truly lets you the photographer – be free!

#4 – Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Kit 

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Kit

We’ve mentioned the importance of guarding your camera, when it’s perched on a camera stand. So it’s only fitting that the maker named “Vanguard” would make our list. Vanguard’s particular model here is the Alta Pro 263AB 100, an aluminum kit. How about extreme low-angle photography? You can do that with legs which adjust at up to 80-degree angles. Or how about the ability to easily and securely re-position the central column of the device? You can do that too, in a single sweeping motion, with the Alta Pro’s Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock (the “ISSL”). Other details of note are the loading capability of 15.4 pound, the ability to rotate 360 degrees, and retractable spikes on the feet.

#5 – Induro Grand Turismo Series 1 Stealth Carbon Fiber 8X (GTT104M1 )

Induro Grand Turismo Series 1 Stealth Carbon Fiber 8X

Is this really “the ultimate travel tool for photographers”? That’s how they describe the Grand Turismo Series 1 Stealth Carbon Fiber 8X (GTT104M1) travel kit. And it makes a pretty good case for that too. It features a design focused on supporting up to 22 pounds. Meaning you’re bound to find this camera useful regardless of your particular camera or lens. In addition, you’ll find it great to have a short column on the device for low-level photography work. And there are separate positioning and pan controls, so you can coordinate exactly the shots you want. We could go on, but those are already some pretty impressive features. Check out this model for yourself and see if it’s the “ultimate” one for you.

#6 – ZOMEi Z818 Hiking For DSLR Cameras (Canon Nikon Sony)

ZOMEi Z818 Hiking For DSLR Cameras

Number six on our list is the Z818 Hiking from ZOMEi. This comes to a compact size of just 18 inches. It’s also a 2-in-1 device. That means if you put together the center column and a leg, you’ll get a single-legged support. Definitely useful, if your passion or work calls for it. Something cool as well about this model is the ability to increase its stability. You can do that with a hook at the bottom of its center-column. Using the hook, you can easily hang more weight on the product. ZOMEi also focuses on the safety of your three-legged device camera stand. They ensure it will be safe by providing an anodic oxidation processed and anti-corrosion, Magnesium and aluminum alloy tube. That’s a bit of a mouthful. But it really just means that you can take this outside and nearly everywhere without worrying your Product will get rusted or easily damaged by the elements.

#7 – Davis & Sanford TR553-P228 Traverse Super Compact 

Davis Sanford TR553-P228 Traverse Super Compact

We’ve noted before the need for a Stand to be compact. Davis & Sanford certainly know the importance of this as well. Their Traverse Super Compact (TR553-P228) is designed to fit in nearly any backpack or carrying bag. At the same time, it can support DSLR cameras with the greatest of ease. How does it do this? With a length (when folded) of just 12 inches, a dual control ball head, and a total weight capacity of 10 pounds. All of which weighs, in total, just 2.6 pounds. And none of which will “weigh” heavily on your wallet.

#8 – Neewer Carbon Fiber 66″ Camera

Neewer Carbon Fiber 66

Where can you take this device? Anywhere. Or more like “Neewer”. We’re not sure if that’s the pun its makers are going for in the name. Perhaps they just can’t spell “newer”. But, either way, you can indeed take this Support (the Neewer Carbon Fiber 66” Camera) anywhere. Its portability is guaranteed at a weight of 4.6 pounds and a length of just 17.7 inches (when folded). Beyond toting it around, the ball head has two locks and a 360 degree dial that can quickly be adjusted. This ensures it will function perfectly anywhere – or Neewer – you take it.

#9 – Benro S8 Single Leg Aluminum Video Kit (A373FBS8)

Benro S8 Single Leg Aluminum Video Kit (A373FBS8)

Benro’s S8 represents another solid player on the field of great Camera Stand. Unlike some of the others, this is from Benro emphasizes video. This emphasis is exemplified in the head, which allows you to continuously adjust while both panning and tilting the camera. Benro further distinguishes their product with a spreader-less design. Being spreader-less means, you can lock the legs of it at different degrees. Moreover, the thread on top (a 3/8-16 thread) will let you use nearly any compatible head you want. Something you may not want, though, is the price. If you’re not heavily interested in video, you may find the price a bit steep. But if you are or don’t care as much about price, this model from Benro will be a fine choice.

#10 – Albott 70-inch Aluminum Travel (B017IS057O)

Albott 70-inch Aluminum Travel (B017IS057O)

Is this device worth it, though? That’s something you’ll need to answer for yourself. We think it deserves at least some consideration, if you’re on a budget. For one thing, Albott can support up to 8.8 lbs load capacity. That’s not as much as say the Benro or other products we’ve seen. But if you’re not using heavy equipment, it may be suitable. Albott’ also weighs 3.63 pounds, extends to heights of 21-70 inches, and features a quick-release plate ensuring rapid use. It even has a design specifically for the GoPro line of video cameras – which makes it a neat option for capturing quick, on-the-go videos.


Our Winner

MeFOTO Globetrotter Travel  Kit (C2350Q2K)

MeFOTO Globetrotter Travel  Kit

If you want the very best though, we recommend going with the MeFOTO Globetrotter. It’s an excellent value for your money, for all the reasons we noted above.

A few other things that make it best include, for example, the ability to turn the Globetrotter into a single-legged stand. That’s something we’ve seen the other brands on this list can do. So it’s great to see that MeFOTO doesn’t skimp on this, despite its price.

It’s nice too that you get a carrying case. The case is included, like the other higher-priced options. You’re protected too, from extreme temperatures, with a foam grip on the legs.

Also, speaking of legs, this one from MeFOTO has both locking grips and anti-rotation on its legs. These features ensure your camera’s safety, supporting it and ensuring your camera won’t wobble around. Also, the ease with which the legs can be operated enables you to quickly set up this model. You won’t have to fumble around with it and miss any opportunity for the “perfect shot”.