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Don’t be fooled. One tiny letter may separate the Canon T5 from the Canon T5i. Yet these two cameras are definitely not the same. Let’s just say there’s more to them than meets the “i”. In this article, we’ll cover the differences to help you determine which camera – Canon T5 or Canon T5i – is your best bet as a photographer.

Summary of Canon T5 and Canon T5i

In a hurry? Here are quick recommendations on which camera is right for you.

For the aspiring pro photographer, excited but unpaid

Canon T5 – it’s cheaper than the T5i

For the pro photographer, shooting models or parachuting into war zones

Canon T5i – With it, you’ll get the absolute best photos.

For the child photographer, eagerly exploring photography

Canon T5 – It’s more than enough to get started at any age.

For the lucky person to whom money is no issue

Canon T5i – The quality can’t be beat


As you look at cameras, an immediate consideration will probably be price. The Canon T5 is the lower-priced of the two. After price, you’ll likely judge the cameras by their technical specs.


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More In-depth Canon T5 and Canon T5i Comparison

Seen enough? We’ve covered quite a few tech specs. Enough that, at this point, you can probably see the clear differences between the Canon T5 and the Canon T5i.

As we noted before, the names of these two cameras can be misleading. For there’s definitely more separating them than just an “i” in their names. Given all the differences, you’re hopefully closer to a decision on which camera is right for you. To help you finish making that decision, here’s some suggestions.

These suggestions are based on the kinds of people who typically get each camera. Read them and see which camera corresponds to your own situation.

To begin, let’s say you’re purely focused on price. There’s no shame in that. We get it, money matters. And if it’s all that matters to you, go with the cheaper camera – the Canon T5.

Both are options for you with the lower-priced T5. Despite its lower price, purchasing the T5 doesn’t mean you’re settling either. It’s still a great camera.

A camera so good that it ranks #1 among all DSLR cameras on The T5 won’t disappoint you, in other words. It’s just a question then of whether you want a great camera or an exceptional one.

If money is less of a determinant for you, then consider the T5i. It’s exceptional, to both the T5 and other cameras too, in nearly every sense.

Difference are clear, for example, with the screen’s LCD resolution, more than double that of the T5. A screen with higher resolution enables you to be more aware of your photos, as you take them.

Your screen is also more flexible on the T5i, given its ability to be craned at angles like the screen on a camcorder. The T5i also deserves your pick on account of its ISO capabilities which are double that of the T5. Along with ISO, the T5i is technically superior with its faster processor.

The processor on the T5i enables images to be shot at 5 frames-per-second, versus the 3 frames-per-second of the T5. If, as you shoot, you then wish to add in some video – the T5i excels there too. The continuous autofocus and mic capabilities further elevate it, head and shoulders above all other DSLRs.

So, do you want an exceptional camera? 

You might not actually. Even if price isn’t your deciding major factor, you may simply not need all of the “bells and whistles” of the Canon T5i.

Perhaps you’re an amateur photographer.

In that case, you probably don’t need the absolute latest, most sophisticated DSLR camera known to man.

The reason being that you’re unlikely to use (or even comprehend) every last feature and nuance found in T5i.

You’d be better off with the T5, a camera that will more than satisfy your yearnings for basic digital photography.

Professional photographers, on the other hand, should look beyond the T5 and set their “i”s on its successor. It’s the ideal choice for any true photography pro.