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Canon’s T5i and T6i cameras pose a bit of a dilemma for photographers. That’s because photographers may have difficulty, at least initially, understanding how the value differs in these two cameras.

Canon, the manufacturer, delivers great cameras – no question. But what makes one of these cameras of greater value than the other? The kind of value that would justify an increase in price. How much, in other words, has really changed – and hopefully improved – between the Canon T5i and Canon T6i?

To solve the matter conclusively, read on. In this article, you’ll learn what makes each camera valuable. And, perhaps more importantly, you’ll also get a clear sense of which one is right for you.

Summary of Canon T6i  and  Canon T5i

In a hurry? Don’t worry. You don’t have to read this entire article if time’s an issue. Here are some quick recommendations on which camera to pick based on your situation.

For the photo-sharing “junkie”, sharing photos as much (or more) than taking them

The Canon T6i – it’s the only one with Wifi, allowing easy sharing of photos on Facebook.

For the price-conscious, squeezing pennies as carefully as the camera buttons

The CanonT5i – simply because it’s cheaper.

For the beginner learning photography

The Canon T6i – It offers more features (like 3 new exposure modes) and lets you learn photography on the cutting-edge.

For the paparazzi or other pro

The Canon T6i – It allows you to shoot JPEG images at 180 frames per burst, versus just 22 before (with the T5i).


Ok, let’s roll. On with our look at the two cameras. For there are some specific technical features definitely separating the 2 cameras.